Operation ‘Making a Cheap Dress Look a Million Dollars’


First of all, can I just say; living life with an awkward tan is SO HARD.

Secondly, I’M BACK WITH OOTD’S YASSSSSS *does a little twirl*.  To those that might be new on the blog or might have only known me for my poetry, yes, I used to do ootd’s when I shared this blog with my older sister back in the day (I’m really making myself sound like an old woman here). We both took a break from outfit blog posts due to personal reasons on both sides. I personally had a lot of insecurities about my body that made me enjoy looking back at the photos that were taken less and less. All the tummy rolls and stretch marks that no one tells you are just normal for a growing girl, etc, so I deleted alllllllllllllll those posts. Now, the self-improved, insecurity-reduced me is ready to show AWF and go AWFFFFFF once again.


Ok back to the most important part of this post; THIS DRESS. Guess the price, guess the price.

£5 guys, 5 POUNDS.

I know, I was shocked too.

People love to knock down Primark for its cheap prices but once becoming a student I couldn’t care less anymore; THROW THOSE CHEAP CLOTHES AT ME, PLEASE.


The funny thing about this dress is that when I first went shopping with a couple of friends and tried it on, it was a straight no-no from all of us. I felt like I’d been stuffed into a bag against my will and to add to this, it was very much out of my comfort zone. I’m more used to clothes that hug my curves because clothes usually can’t help themselves, I guess, so this dress had me mad confused. BUT, once we figured out that I could customise it by turning it from something that looked like my late grandmum’s curtains into an off-the-shoulder summer dress, I was sold. Then again, the price did help a little bit.

~Sidenote to self: if certain clothes make you step out of your comfort zone, buy them.


I found that pairing the dress with minimal makeup and a splash of highlighter was effective because the dress itself was already quite a head turner. Although my shoes aren’t included in the photos that were taken (yes, I know, I know), they were a pair of barely-there silver heels to complete the minimal look I was going for.

So I guess, operation ‘make a cheap dress look a million dollars’ slightly worked, although I truly believe that your mentality while wearing a cheap dress is what makes it worth more. Believe it’s worth a million and you will automatically walk, talk and act a million dollars too.

IMG_52682.0Stay expensive!


Dress: Primark

Shoes: Boohoo (not shown but link attached here)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie Cherenfant says:

    I found out about primark this year when I went to the States and yes throw all of them primark clothes at me too lol. Pleasure to read your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yasssss, a fellow Primark lover… thank you so much Sophie


  2. Steph says:

    I HATE when people do that patronising thing when they tell you off for buying ‘disposable fashion’ and say you should have saved up for something ‘quality’ instead! Nice idea, but just not realistic for a lot of people. Who cares what it cost anyway, you look SMOKIN’! X


    1. Honestly, I personally think that a lot of that is just image stuff; you know, trying to prove you have the money to get quality stuff. Thank you, though lovely!


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