Orange You Glad To See Me


Orange; vibrant, fun, creative, happy, associated with the sun. Everything a black girl is. It took me way too long to realise that me too, in the skin I’m in, are allllllll those things although I had never seen many portrayals of black women being as such in the media, you know,  being warm, joyful (and I don’t mean in comedic roles), etc.

The colour orange for me symbolises a hope that more accurate representations of black women, (not only as comedic, rude, mean, characters), will begin to be put out in the media because representations = comfort in one’s skin. This definitely needs to be a separate blog post because unfortunately, we’re here to talk about clothes (well, technically not unfortunate because clothes are just as exciting).


I think I definitely proved the person that told me “loud and vibrant colours aren’t for black girls” wrong with this top which is cute right? But basic too, right?

Basic tops are literally an essential in every cupboard. Basic tops with a twist, however? Perrrrrfectttttttttt and this top is the epitome of basic-with-a-twist. Also, aren’t cold-shoulder tops the best thing to happen to fashion? I’m absolutely in love with them because it’s rare that clothes suit me as well as they do. AS IN ANY COLOUR, ANY STYLE SUITS ME. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS TO FIND?! I guess I have my mum’s genes to thank because all the girls in our family have good collar bones which definitely helps.

This is the equation so far: orange top + cold-shoulder cut= something that goes with everything. I’ve paired them with everything under the sun from skirts to shorts to culottes (THE BRIGHTER THE BETTER).


If any of you have read my Operation Making a Cheap Dress Look Expensive post, you’d have seen what I said about the silver heels that were paired with the dress. These are them in the flesh. They are honestly the most versatile pair of heels I own (painful to move in but when firmed, versatile) so I thought, why not wear a pair of fishnet socks with them et viola, a picture perfect blogger’s paradise on my feet ~although it would have been better if I painted my toes white~.


I’d recommend this outfit to anyone that wants a casual, understated and minimal look but with a certain colour that pops. So, swap orange with another vibrant colour and do your thing! And for those cold evenings, pair your outfit with a jacket that is complimentary, (as shown below).


Stay vibrant!


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