Summertime Hues and Blues


This isn’t exactly an OOTD post per-se, more like an ode to Summer 2017 which for those in the UK, is probably a little strange because, for us, Summer lasted for 2 seconds MAXIMUM. But other than the lack of sun or many activities to do (other than working and sleeping in), my Summer was amazing. It’s been chock-full of realisations, growth, promises kept, things God has revealed to me and changes.I’ve loved (nearly) every second of it. I think this Summer is the most productive I’ve been my whole life and amongst other things, I finally stayed relatively frequent on the blog and I hope that continues as I enter my second year of uni!

The picture below is literally my face when I realise how quickly this year has gone, though.


I decided to make a post with these photos rather than an actual OOTD because I think I was captured at my happiest and my most comfortable which really has been my whole Summer in a nutshell. I think making a decision to consciously search and understand God and his presence and why I’ve felt freer in my Christianity than I ever have my whole life, certain flaws of mine (both spiritual and character related), and the importance of real self-love. Due to all of these, I truly believe in my heart of hearts, this Summer is the start of my living my best life. This isn’t only an outward show of happiness or a complete lifestyle change or anything as extra as that, more like a mental switch has finally gone off.


So, yeah, cheers to an amazing Summer, and one I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. I hope all of you have had an amazing Summer too!


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